Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ascension part I

peeking over the edge you could see a street below. and trees. there's always trees on mt. tabor. their shapes are rough at night. and yellow---caught at the end of the glow pushing from electric lights. lights like dulls spark on high sticks- the street lamps were at eye level.

a car was coming. two bright circles. then the sound of twenty five miles per hour. then brakes directly below us. then: "thump! thump! thump!". the sound of eggs bursting on a hollow smooth metal surface. followed by a few giggles from three boys. that was us.

we ducked for cover. well hidden behind a cement cross on the roof at the apex of a catholic church. so too were we trying to conceil our growing need to burst into the laughter: the guy in the car was looking for us. he was poking in the bushes at street level. then across the street looking down the alley. "hey!", yelled he. I was content to wait it out. so was Jim. but not chris. he was standing again, an egg clutched delicately in his elevated right hand. he was peering over the cross. measuring the angles. thinking geometrically. and then, just as the man was entering his car again, chris let fly the egg. and it nearly hit the man in the head.

but the man must have had his share of geometry as well. he quickly judged the angle of the egg's flight and it's general origin, and snapping his head upward, he caught the shadow of a boy against a dark grey portland sky. we were found. and two minutes later, a police cruiser, and the man's car, circled the area looking for a way to the roof, or boys fleeing from it.
(to be continued)

LMAO so what did you do *this* week JC? ;)

I've always wanted to launch eggs from my trusty catapault but have this fear they will explode before they've even taken flight... maybe one of those bait-flingers would do... the ones that fishermen use, they have a nice egg-shaped basket at the back for holding handfuls of fishing bait...


Kinda makes we wanna go out and misbehave now... but all my friends grew up :(
Check out my blog about the Boy Eats Drum Machine show.
well?... WELL? what happened?
holding, waiting . . .
yes, continue.
c'mon i've got the impatience disease ...
Excellent! I've never egged anyone. I always felt it was too much damage. I totally would TP someone or plastic wrap a car.... but not eggs.

I did write on my moms car in white shoe polish when she got married and realized too late that it wasn’t' water soluble. So I later had a date with some rubbing compound.

Anyway, I think it's time you finish you story. Or, does Santa have to bring it to you first. : )
Just dropping by to wish you every blessing for the Yuletide season, and every good wish for a happy and fulfilling new year! x
MErry Christmas to y'all!
sounds like a game my dad used to play with his friends when they were younger, LOL! excited to read the next part. and while you're working at it, let me greet you a happy 2006.
I adore the cleverness of using a Catholic Church rooftop and cross for cover. Spot on. :D
Hey! When are we gonna get part II?!
Jonny, where are you? Hope you're okay. I've moved to a new blog on my own server -, so when you are back from whatever is occupying you since your last post, drop by and say hi! x
Just dropped by to see if you'd returned from wherever you've vanished to... and you still haven't returned! Where are you? Hope you're okay. x
Hey!!! *waves wildly* ;)
J!! I miss YOU :D haha no, rather I miss reading and commenting and commenting and reading (: duude! how's everything been? Update SOON why don't you? ;P
where r u???
yum. and happy new year's too. :)
Jonny Jon-Jon , come baaack ]=

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